Supreme Sourz - Sour Watermelon 60ML

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On those hot days spent at the beach or running around with your friends, there is nothing like cutting a big wedge of watermelon and taking a huge bite out of it. You haven't really experienced it to its fullest unless you get a bunch of sticky juice all over your face and hands! This blend is going to give you all of that refreshing satisfaction that you usually look for out of a slice of watermelon but without any of the mess or trouble of transporting a big watermelon around with you. If you love this juicy, delicious, tropical fruit you are most definitely going to want to make sure that you have a bottle or two of this scrumptious blend around for when the summer hits and you crave some watermelon on the go. Inhale and imagine those warm, sunny days where it feels like life just can't get any better and you're completely content in every single day. When other people are able to smell the big, billowing clouds that you exhale after vaping this blend, they are going to be completely and totally convinced that you just ate some watermelon because it is almost impossible to believe that all of that authentic taste can be packed into a bottle of juice! Supreme Sourz E Liquid is a collection that focuses their talent and skill onto making carbon copy replicas of the fruit flavors that we love the most with the added addition of sourness that will have your taste buds on overdrive! Sour Watermelon starts off with some sweet ripe watermelon that is packed with bold, vibrant taste and then brings in that sour scrumptiousness that you look for.