Supreme Sourz - Sour Cherry 60ML

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There is no doubt about it, the most seductive fruit out there is most definitely the cherry. So plump, ripe and packed with bold flavor, they are a favorite of many that just had to be made into a delicious vape juice form. Supreme Sourz E Liquid has taken this beloved natural treat and given it a new twist that is going to have your taste buds feeling electrified and make you want to keep coming back to it for the almost unbelievable authenticity that it provides. It's hard to find a well made cherry inspired blend out there but this line has come to the rescue to make us fruit flavor fanatics dreams come true with this blend that doesn't cut any corners and gives you everything that you desire full force. On those days where you crave something that's more on the fresh, clean side but still has a complexity and interest about it that will be able to keep up your enchantment and have you coming back to it, this blend will be exactly what you needed. Add a little more passion, excitement and invigoration into your day in such a convenient, travel friendly kind of way and forget about suffering with nagging cravings that bug and nag at you until you can finally give in and have a wonderful vaping solution at your fingertips that is always ready to be enjoyed. Supreme Sourz E Liquid is a line that takes those fruit flavors that we are all familiar with and makes them taste as true to form as can be with their amazing attention to detail and commitment to quality that shines in all of their blends. Sour Cherry has a juicy, tart cherry base that's given even more sour scrumptious that will capture your heart.