Primitive Vapor Co. - Berrymilk Pie - 60ML

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You deserve a good treat, you work hard, do your best and always take care of business. It's nice to be able to pamper yourself every once in a while but honestly, don't we all wish we could pamper ourselves all of the time. It's unfortunate that all of the foods that we usually turn to for comfort and enjoyment are unhealthy for us, this wonderful juice blend is going to allow you to taste all of that rich, decadent, typically unhealthy dessert flavor but without any of the downsides. You're going to be able to vape it all day long without having to think twice about calories or an impending stomach ache, life couldn't be any more of a breeze with this juice around. The flavor that this blend represents is going to have your heart pounding in your chest out of pure excitement, it is just so different, fun and fresh. If you are looking for a sweet treat that will be able to keep up your interest and have all of your senses whirling around in a rush of overwhelming deliciousness, we have a feeling that this blend is going to be exactly what you've been after. Primitive Vapor Co. E Liquid is a line that makes some of the most interesting and different blends that are going to give you the exciting new vaping experience of your wildest dreams. They have a true talent for putting together different flavor combinations to make something special that will keep you coming back to it and continuously repurchasing it for its exceptional quality. Berrymilk Pie starts out with a scrumptious, golden brown pie crust that's filled with sweet, bold strawberries and a creamy vanilla custard. 

Primary Flavor: StrawberryVanillaCustard